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Google Pixel Repair

Welcome to Repair Bros, we are your Google Pixel experts when it comes to repair, replacement, and upgrade services. Our team of certified technicians offers fast and reliable service for any problem you may have with your device. from water damage repairs or cracked screens to battery replacements or upgrading software systems. With our cutting-edge technology and friendly customer service representatives available around the clock, we make sure that each repair is done quickly so you don’t miss a beat with your device.

Google Pixel Repair Services

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Water Damage Repair
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Google Pixel Repair Diagnostic

Google Pixel Repair Information

Google Pixel Repair

Welcome to Repair Bros, we are your Google Pixel experts when it comes to repair, replacement, and upgrade services.

Our team of certified technicians offers fast and reliable service for any problem you may have with your device. from water damage repairs or cracked screens to battery replacements or upgrading software systems.

With our cutting-edge technology and friendly customer service representatives available around the clock, we make sure that each repair is done quickly so you don’t miss a beat with your device.

Whether in-store at one of our retail locations or online using our mail-in option, at Repair Bros, no job is too big, too small, or too complicated for us to handle.

Let us take the hassle out of fixing up your Google Pixel today!

Google Pixel Screen Repair

When it comes to mobile phone repairs, Google Pixel has emerged as one of the most popular devices on the market.

With its sleek design and advanced technology, many users are opting for this smartphone model over other competitors.

Unfortunately, due to everyday wear and tear or accidents that happen unexpectedly in our daily lives, screens can become cracked or broken over time.

If you have experienced damage to your Google Pixel screen, then Repair Bros is here to help.

At Repair Bros, we specialize in repairing a variety of smartphones, including Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models, but we are also experts when it comes to fixing any issues with Google Pixels too.

We understand just how important these phones are for their owners, so no matter what kind of issue you may be having.

From dead pixels all the way up to shattered glass display units, our certified technicians will provide fast, reliable service at an affordable cost every time.

Google Pixel Screen Damage

Whether you have a cracked screen, shattered glass, or something entirely else, Repair Bros is here to help.

We can replace your damaged LCD display with an original Google part in no time at all, meaning that there won’t be any need for extra trips back and forth from the repair shop.

Plus, our technicians are trained to provide professional results, so you can rest assured knowing that once we’ve fixed it up, your phone will look as good as new again.

Average Google Pixel Screen Repair Cost

When it comes down to prices for service on Google Pixels, this ultimately depends on the type of device being repaired along with its specific requirements.

Generally speaking, average costs range around $200, which includes both parts and labor.

However, if one requires more specialized services, such as water damage repairs, then these might cost slightly more due to the outlay involved in their resolution process.

Why Choose Repair Bros For Your Google Pixel Screen Repair?

With Repair Bros, you can be sure of quality service with fast resolution times.

We understand how important it is to our customers that they have their devices up and running again in the most efficient way possible, so we strive for nothing less than perfection when repairing any type of Google Pixel device.

In addition to this, all repairs are completed using only certified original parts at great prices, along with a one-year warranty on workmanship and materials provided as standard too!

So if you’re looking for reliable and cost-effective solutions for your damaged Google Pixel screen, then make sure you choose Repair Bros today.

Google Pixel Charging Port Repair

Google Pixel charging port repair is a very common service that Repair Bros specializes in, with the increasing popularity of Google Pixel smartphones.

Many users are having issues with their devices’ charging ports and looking for reliable solutions to get them fixed quickly and efficiently.

Thankfully, our experienced technicians at Repair Bros are highly trained professionals who have expertise in repairing all kinds of technical problems related to your smartphone issue, including those concerning the device’s charging port.

Google Pixel Charging Port Damage

Google Pixel charging port damage can occur when the device is dropped, exposed to water or dust and debris, or from simply plugging in a charger with too much force.

Google Pixel Charging Port Repair Cost

The cost of repairing Google Pixels’ charging ports depends primarily on how severe the damage is and whether it requires just cleaning out accumulated dirt and grime that may be blocking its connection point.

If more advanced methods are necessary, such as replacement parts, then you should expect costs to rise accordingly.

Unlike other repair services, our experts at Repair Bros first determine what exactly has gone wrong by doing an inspection before any repairs take place.

This way we can ensure each customer receives the most appropriate solution for their particular problem without going through unnecessary steps, which could end up causing additional harm than good to their beloved devices.

If it looks like only minor maintenance is required, for example, just cleaning out whatever might have blocked up inside.

Then providers can feel confident knowing there won’t be excessive fees involved since no replacements need to take place.

Why Choose Repair Bros For Your Google Pixel Charging Port Repair?

With our extensive years of experience providing technical support within both training environments and across multiple mobile platforms worldwide, in addition to being certified technicians ourselves.

You’ll find us here ready, willing, and able to help fix anything related to those troublesome charging problems.

Furthermore, all quoted prices include labor and material costs, so customers know exactly why they’re paying a bill even before the service is performed.

From corrosion buildups to faulty connections caused by wear and tear, come shop with our professional team today and regain power as soon as possible!

At Repair Bros, we are proud to be your go-to source for Google Pixel charging port repairs. 

Rest assured that each repair is done with the utmost care and attention to detail, using only the best parts and materials available on today’s market.

Contact us now for a free quote or more information about our services.

Google Pixel Battery Replacement

Are you having trouble with your Google Pixel battery draining quickly? You’re not alone; many users experience this issue.

Thankfully, the problem can be resolved with a simple and effective battery replacement procedure.

Repair Bros provides exceptional assistance to replace faulty batteries on various types of Google Pixel devices.

How Do Batteries Get Damaged?

Batteries easily get damaged when exposed directly to sunlight, extreme temperatures, moisture, and other elements like dust, etc.

Overcharging is another factor that causes quick damage since it affects its efficacy and efficiency, resulting in poor power reserve capacity over time.

Ultimately leading to the need for an immediate substitute if normal device functionality needs restoring within the shortest duration possible.

Average Google Pixel Battery Replacement Cost

Battery replacement for Google Pixel can range from $50 to $80, the price may vary depending on your device model and the type of battery used. 

Other factors may also affect pricing, such as technician cost, store location, service fee rates, etc.

Why Choose Repair Bros For Your Google Pixel Battery Replacement?

We have years of experience working with Google Pixels and use the highest quality parts when performing a battery replacement.

Our team is trained to ensure that all components are replaced safely without causing any further damage.

At Repair Bros, we strive for complete customer satisfaction and will always go above and beyond to make sure your device is running as efficiently as possible again.

Contact us today to get your Google Pixel battery replaced.

Google Pixel Camera Repair

Repair Bros is a trusted phone repair shop specializing in repairs for all Google Pixel devices. 

With our years of experience and highly trained technicians, we are able to perform both front camera and rear camera repairs on the various versions of Google Pixel with superior quality results.

Our customers can rest assured that their phones will come out looking like new after they use our service.

Google Pixel Front Camera Repair

The front camera on Google Pixel is often a highly utilized feature, but unfortunately, it can be prone to damage or malfunction over time due to normal wear and tear.

Such issues include:

  • Streaking or lines in photos.
  • Blurriness when taking pictures and/or videos.
  • Poor focus results during selfies.

If this is an issue for you that cannot be resolved by troubleshooting simple fixes such as restarting your device, then Repair Bros has got you covered.

Our experienced technicians will repair your device quickly using OEM parts that have been tenaciously tested for quality assurance, resulting in optimal performance once again from the front-facing video recorder of our customers’ phones.

Google Pixel Rear Camera Repair

At times, some of us may experience similar symptoms while trying to take pictures with our rear lens, such as blurry photographs captured indoors or even sharpness errors outdoors caused by rain droplets reflecting off the lens’ exterior surface.

creating indistinct imagery that falls outside the acceptable standards set forth on these types of devices today.

Thankfully, we are here at Repair Bros and have encountered many technological challenges ourselves.

So we not only understand what needs to get fixed but also possess all the necessary tools required to complete each job properly the first time around and make sure every customer comes away feeling satisfied with the service they received from us.

Customers can rest assured that faulty components will be replaced with original manufacturer spares to ensure maximum likelihood of success.

And completion of work carried out to both improve user satisfaction and the durability of the product itself, before entrusting the task to capable hands and staff able to handle it in a fuss-free manner.

Average Google Pixel Camera Repair Cost

At Repair Bros, we strive to provide our customers with the best quality service at a reasonable price.

Our prices are among the most competitive in town, and you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $100 for either front or rear camera repair services on your Google Pixel device.

We also offer discounts if multiple repairs are needed, so be sure to check out our website for more information about that!

Why Choose Repair Bros For Your Google Pixel Camera Repair?

At Repair Bros, we understand your need for quality and convenience, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a quick turnaround time on all Google Pixel camera repairs while still maintaining a high standard of customer service and satisfaction.

From the start until the end, you will be kept informed about the progress of your repair through text notifications or email updates so that you always know what is happening.

We also offer a 1-year warranty on all repairs done by us so that you can rest easy knowing your Google Pixel camera will be fixed right the first time!

So don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us today for any Google Pixel camera repair needs you may have.

Google Pixel Back Glass Repair

Google Pixel is a powerful, dependable device that many people rely on for their everyday needs.

However, all too often the back glass of these popular phones can become cracked or shattered due to accidental drops, mishandling, and other types of damage.

Unfortunately, this type of damage can not only be aesthetically unappealing but also cause further issues with your phone’s performance, such as decreased sound quality and increased sensitivity to dust particles entering delicate parts inside the device.

Google Pixel back glass repair may be necessary to resolve this issue before it becomes more serious than just physical appearances.

How Does Google Pixel Back Glass Damage Occurs?

Google Pixel phones are built tough against most day-to-day hazards; however, one strike in the wrong spot or with enough force can easily crack even their strongest barrier, the backing glass paneling overtop of your screen display.

Drops onto hard surfaces like concrete pavement are usually what cause cracks in both cellphone displays and panels alike, so take care when handling these devices, especially near high drop zones!

Other common sources include:

  • Mishandling during repairs (when removing or replacing components).
  • Faulty manufacturing, which unfortunately isn’t always detectable until after purchase if you buy them from third-party resellers instead of directly from authorized distributors like the official cell carriers themselves.

Average Google Pixel Back Glass Repair Cost 

Google Pixel prices range drastically depending on model size, features, etcetera.

But regardless of how much money was paid for your shiny new gadget initially, getting professional help for damaged front and back screens will still cost between $50 and $250, accounting for labor and replacement costs involved.

Sometimes it’s cheaper to just buy another pre-owned Google smartphone altogether, given that there aren’t any complex internal electronics that need servicing by experienced technicians.

Additionally, each inch difference increases service complications, thus costing extra revenue for our clients, so we recommend purchasing higher-end models that are less prone to breaking.

In any case, please consider consulting nearby certified shops before deciding whether DIY attempts risk breaking down costly devices irreparably.

Why Choose Repair Bros For Your Google Pixel Back Glass Repair?

When you’re searching for a repair shop capable of handling the delicate nature of your Google Pixel, Repair Bros is an excellent choice.

We have many years of experience servicing mobile devices with cracked or shattered front and back glass panels, as well as replacing vital components after the damage has occurred.

Our technicians are adept at recognizing potential issues that could arise during repairs, such as short-circuiting within electronics due to dust particles entering sensitive parts.

Helping save our customers from further costly down-the-line damages while they enjoy their freshly repaired device!

We guarantee great quality control standards on every job performed, so you can rest assured knowing we take pride in getting the job done right the first time around without compromising safety protocols when it comes to opening up any mobile device.

At Repair Bros, our dedicated team of professionals is here to make this process as stress-free and cost-effective for Google Pixel users as possible.

Don’t hesitate any longer; let us help you get your device back in working order at a fraction of the price.

Contact us today with questions or inquiries about your repair needs; we look forward to hearing from you.

Google Pixel Software Issues Repair

Google Pixel is Google’s flagship smartphone and one of the most popular Android devices on the market.

With its powerful specs, sleek design, and innovative software features, it’s no surprise that this device has become so popular.

However, even with superior hardware specs and regular updates to improve the user experience, software issues still occur.

The majority of Google Pixel software problems are related to running certain apps or using certain features in some way, including:

  • Slow performance (especially when multitasking).
  • The app crashes and freezes.
  • Touchscreen unresponsiveness.
  • Laggy display response time

Other common issues include:

  • Battery drain while idle or in standby mode.
  • Overheating or overcharging.
  • WiFi connection errors.
  • Random notifications from apps not installed by you.

Furthermore, there may be instances where a factory reset does not resolve these issues.

Other Google Pixel Software Issues

Software glitches aren’t always due to your own usage error; sometimes they’re caused by a third-party application that hasn’t been updated correctly, like an outdated version of WhatsApp causing messages not to be sent properly.

Or a Bluetooth connection dropping regularly with other peripherals such as headphones or smartwatches, etc.

Furthermore, system settings may need checking too in order to diagnose any bugs associated with audio output levels or power-saving modes that might affect sound quality over wired earphones.

Another issue that people face often on their phones nowadays is quite bizarre but true, quick charging drains more current than it should, leading directly to an unusually faster draining rate within a few hours after starting up!

Average Google Pixel Software Issues Repair Cost

The average cost for troubleshooting these kinds of software issues depends upon how severely afflicted your phone currently is; however, the estimation scale put forward by Repair Bro comes anywhere between $60 and $150.

Why Choose Repair Bros For Your Google Pixel Software Issues Troubleshooting?

Repair Bros is a trusted name when it comes to Google Pixel software troubleshooting.

Our team of experienced technicians is familiar with all the ins and outs of your device, ensuring that they diagnose any problem quickly and accurately.

We also offer fast turnaround times while providing superior customer support services at below-market rates, which makes us the top choice for many customers who want their devices repaired as soon as possible.

Furthermore, we provide detailed reports on our findings, including an estimated cost, so you know what needs to be done in order for your phone or tablet to start working perfectly again.

So if you’ve been dealing with software issues on your Google Pixel device, then don’t wait any longer, contact Repair Bros today, we guarantee that we can restore your device to its former glory in no time!

Google Pixel Water Damage Repair

Water damage to any electronic device is an incredibly unpleasant experience.

Google Pixel phones are no exception and can suffer from water damage due to:

  • Accidental spills.
  • Drops in a pool or bathtub.
  • Rainfall while the phone isn’t properly protected.

The possibilities of how your Google Pixel could get damaged by water are endless.

In this article, we look at how you can repair a water-damaged Google Pixel and why Repair Bros is where you should go for professional help with such repairs.

How Could Google Pixel Get Water Damaged?

Water damage can occur to any device when exposed to liquid, and Google Pixel is no exception.

There are numerous ways your phone could be splashed or submerged in water, including:

  • Accidentally dropping it into a toilet or pool.
  • Spilling liquids on its surface while attempting to repair it yourself.
  • Taking pictures in rainy weather without proper waterproofing.

Once your Google Pixel gets wet by any means, you should act quickly so as not to turn an annoyance into something more serious. It’s important that you take steps immediately, like switching off the device unless instructed otherwise.

Constant running with fluids inside will make sure electronic components accumulate more corrosion, leading to total breakdown eventually.

Another immediate step would be for users to put the phone away from sunlight since heat combined with moisture accelerates the oxidation process, thus causing further hardware degradation.

If possible, place the smartphone under a running water stream at once, then let air dry until all external parts appear completely dry before connecting the charger again.

Put some rice grains inside the glove or bag alongside the damaged gadget too, which absorbs fluid faster than anything else does, but even after this, don’t expect miracles.

As soon as practical, remove the SIM card and memory cards from the handset just in case things go wrong.

Average Google Pixel Water Damage Repair Cost

The cost of water damage repair and other repairs vary because the extent of damage can vary.

For a general idea, most Google Pixel devices usually require at least a straightforward diagnosis or assessment to figure out the issue before any work is done.

This type of diagnostics for your Google Pixel device could cost around $39 to $99, the price may vary depending on what type of service you choose.

Why Choose Repair Bros For Your Google Pixel Water Damage Repair?

There are numerous repair shops that offer Google Pixel repairs, but Repair Bros stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Repair Bros has highly experienced personnel who understand how to best repair water-damaged boards for your Google Pixel phones so you get reliable results in the shortest time frame possible.

Furthermore, our prices are very reasonable, with some services being provided free of charge after deducting the cost from the order value if any physical parts are found to be defective during the verdict findings.

Moreover, all items handled by technicians follow stringent quality control checks throughout the entire process, ensuring customers receive genuine end products rather than fake replacements just because the price tag was low.

At Repair Bros, we value customer satisfaction and are willing to go the extra mile in order to make sure your Google Pixel repairs get done right.

So if you need repair services for water-damaged Google Pixel phones, then look no further than Repair Bros!


At Repair Bros, we are proud to offer our customers the best possible service when it comes to Google Pixel repair.

Our team of certified and experienced technicians uses only genuine parts and proven techniques to ensure your device is repaired back to its original condition quickly and affordably.

We understand how invaluable your device is to you, and our priority will always be making sure that it’s repaired with the utmost efficiency and care, whether you need a battery replacement or screen repair, we are here to help.

Contact us today for more information on Google Pixel repairs at Repair Bros.

Frequently Asked Questions for Google Pixel Repair

Can you replace a broken Google Pixel screen?
Yes, we can replace a broken Google Pixel screen.
How much does it cost to replace a Google Pixel screen?
The average cost to replace a Google Pixel screen can vary depending on screen quality, availability and repair bundling. Please contact store for more details.
How much does it cost to fix charging port on Google Pixel?
The average cost to replace a Google Pixel charging port can vary depending on charging port quality, availability and repair bundling. Please contact store for more details.
How much does it cost to replace charging port on Google Pixel?
The average cost to replace a Google Pixel charging port can vary depending on charging port quality, availability and repair bundling. Please contact store for more details.
Can a Google Pixel charging port be repaired?
Yes, the charging port for a Google Pixel can be repaired.
How much does it cost to replace a battery for a Google Pixel?
The average cost to replace a Google Pixel battery can vary depending on battery quality, availability and repair bundling. Please contact store for more details.
Are Google Pixel batteries replaceable?
Yes, Google Pixel batteries are replaceable.
When should I replace my Google Pixel battery?
Typically, Google Pixel batteries last 1-2 years depending on the number of charge cycles. Therefore if your Google Pixel battery is more than 2 years old, it is recommended to replace your battery.
Can the back of a Google Pixel be replaced?
Yes, the back of a Google Pixel can be replaced.
How much does it cost to replace rear glass on Google Pixel?
The average cost to replace a Google Pixel back glass can vary depending on back glass quality, availability and repair bundling. Please contact store for more details.
Can you fix broken Google Pixel back glass?
Yes, we can fix a broken Google Pixel back glass. Please contact us to schedule a repair.
Can the Google Pixel software issues be fixed?
Yes. Typically most software related issues with your Google Pixel can be fixed. If you are having trouble with your Google Pixel, contact us to schedule a repair.
How much does it cost to repair a Google Pixel?
It typically costs anywhere from $29 to $299 to repair a Google Pixel. The exact price depends on what needs to be repaired.
How long does a Google Pixel take to repair?
It typically takes anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours depending on what needs to be repaired.
Is it worth repairing a Google Pixel?
Yes, in most cases, it is worth repairing a Google Pixel. Unless the repairs cost more than the device itself, then it may not be worth it. However, if you are trying to recover any data, then the repair really depends on how much you need the data.
Can a Google Pixel be repaired?
If your Google Pixel is broken or damaged, we can fix it. At Repair Bros we have experts with over 20+ years of experience in electronic device repair. Contact us to schedule a repair.
Does Google Pixel come with a warranty?
Most Google Pixel devices comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.
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